SSH Key Lifecycle Automation

An SSH key lifecycle consists of generation, distribution, and destruction (rotation and deletion). Most enterprises can create and distribute keys (with some scripting) efficiently across their infrastructure. But, without proper documentation and clear visibility into all device and user associations to a particular key, rotation, and deletion becomes difficult due to its highly manual effort and unpredictable impact on continuity of operations. And, this is why key proliferation is still a significant issue across enterprises. With the help of AppViewX’s low-code automation, you can automate and simplify the management of your key lifecycle.

Discover and Map SSH Keys to Devices, Servers, and User Accounts in the Cloud and On-Premise

Discover keys from multi-vendor, hybrid network infrastructures – like servers, ADCs, client devices, cloud instances and VMs– on an on-demand basis.  CERT+ allows you to keep your inventory updated every day with an option to sync keys each night. Once the keys are discovered, they are stored in an inventory that gives you centralized visibility of all SSH keys across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. No more logging into each VM or on-prem machine to identify the number of SSH keys present in them – just by clicking “Discover,” CERT+ provides you a full view of the keys.

SSH Key lifecycle Automation Discover and map SSH keys to devices servers and user accounts in the cloud and on premise
SSH Key lifecycle Automation Enforce expiration dates and delete outdated keys

Enforce Expiration Dates and Delete Outdated Keys

Unlike SSL certificates, SSH keys do not have expiration dates. When compromised, a malicious user can create permanent backdoors into an enterprise’s critical infrastructure. With CERT+, you can forcefully expire your SSH keys after a set duration. This helps you understand the number of ageing keys in your infrastructure and delete them proactively. The keys associated with departing employees can also be automatically deleted with our advanced integration with your Active Directory systems.

Rotate Keys with Simple Low-Code Automation Workflows

SSH keys continue to provide access to your application unless explicitly removed. Key rotation, i.e., changing every authorized key (and corresponding identity keys) regularly, is an important security measure that prevents hackers from misusing compromised keys. As a best practice, you should rotate all your keys every 60 days, which is almost impossible without proper visibility. With CERT+, you can schedule an automated periodic rotation of your keys. This will ensure all key-trust relationships within the infrastructure are updated with the new key automatically, without hassle.

SSH Key lifecycle Automation Rotate keys with simple low code automation workflows
SSH Key Lifecycle Automation Monitor SSH Sessions and Terminate them On-Demand

Monitor SSH Sessions and Terminate them On-Demand

Having one application to create and manage SSH keys and another application to access your systems can be counter-productive. With CERT+, you can get direct access to all target systems on-premises or in the cloud within the same console to ensure seamless user experience and superior session tracking on all supported devices. You can also monitor all active SSH sessions on a target device and automatically terminate the ones that seem suspicious.


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