Low-Code Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Most enterprises use scripts and other low-level automation to track certificate expiry and to notify the respective teams on its status periodically. However, the majority of other tasks like identifying the location(s) of that certificate require complex coding and hence, are mostly manual. With the help of AppViewX’s low-code CLM automation, you can automate and simplify the management of your certificate lifecycle.

Build Custom, Event-Driven Automation using Pre-built Tasks and Workflows

Each infrastructure is unique. Our automation workflows and tasks can be customized to suit your individual requirements and business process. You can drag and drop built-in tasks into the canvas to design your unique workflow. The access restrictions to these workflows can be controlled via our granular RBAC and necessary reviews and approvals can be seamlessly designed into each workflow. These workflows can perform a variety of tasks from self-servicing certificate requests, to reporting certificate issues to necessary stakeholders.

Low code Certificate Lifecycle automation Build Custom Event Driven Automation using Pre built Tasks and Workflows
Low code Certificate Lifecycle automation Integrate with ITSM Tools for Ticketing

Integrate with ITSM Tools for Ticketing and Governance or Send Email and Slack Messages

Any change request in an infrastructure needs a proper change control implementation. With out-of-box integration with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow and BMC Remedy, you can now design manual ITSM tasks, such as creating a ticket, pushing a configuration and closing a ticket, directly into an automation workflow. And to ensure closed-loop automation, the platform has the capability to verify if the intent of a particular automation has been achieved before successful completion. You can also choose to get notified or notify a group of people via email or slack during each stage of the workflow.

Expose a Catalog of Service Requests for Certificate Lifecycle Management

The workflow studio has an entire catalog of advanced automation workflows that can help you with your certificate lifecycle management, including the migration of certificates, such as SHA-2, across the infrastructure. These workflows can be exposed to necessary users on-demand via a user interface or an API for easy integration with third-party systems. Each workflow can be scheduled to achieve a particular set of tasks periodically, such as sending certificate expiry reports every Monday or deleting expired certificates from end-devices at the start of each month.

Low code Certificate Lifecycle automation Expose a Catalog of Service Requests for Certificate Lifecycle Management
Low code Certificate Lifecycle automation Enable Self Service to Automation Workflows with User Friendly Forms

Enable Self-Service to Automation Workflows with User-Friendly Forms

Self-servicing certificate requests can drastically reduce the time delay between creating a request and servicing it. Since our automation workflows can work independently of your underlying infrastructure, each vendor-specific task is abstracted from the end-user and presented in a single, user-friendly form. This can help your team adapt to a changing certificate infrastructure with minimal training. The inputs needed for each form is completely customizable to your business requirements. You can use a variety of user-interface components such as textboxes, radio buttons, checkboxes and dropdowns to pass necessary information along subsequent tasks.


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