AppViewX Cited in Gartner Report “Solution Comparison for PKI”

The growth of complex certificate infrastructure and the advent of new compliance standards has driven professionals in the cyber security space to search for PKI automation tools. Technical experts who assess PKI vendors must look out for several criteria such as trust, integration, discovery, and lifecycle management requirements to ensure success. Gartner says that PKI […]

AppViewX’s Certificate Lifecycle Automation Solution Wins 2019 ISPG Award

AppViewX has been recognized as a Bronze winner by Info Security Products Guide (one of the industry’s leading information security research and advisory guide) in the 15th Annual 2019 Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards® in the “Most Innovative Security Product (Software) of the Year” category. AppViewX’s Certificate Lifecycle Automation Solution provides extensive visibility into […]

AppViewX wins Gold in the 2018 One Planet Best in Business and Professional Excellence Awards

AppViewX has been named as a Gold winner by One Planet® Awards in the “Most Innovative Product of the Year (Information Technology Software)” category. The AppViewX Platform helps enterprise IT manage and automate the entire lifecycle of their internal and external PKI. Our Certificate Lifecycle Automation Solution provides extensive visibility into the certificate and encryption key infrastructure which helps […]

AppViewX Honored as Gold and Silver Winner in the 10th Annual 2018 Golden Bridge Awards

AppViewX, a low-code automation platform for NetOps and SecOps, earned gold and silver awards for its CERT+ and ADC+ products at the 2018 Golden Bridge Awards®. CERT+ was named a Gold winner in the Security Software Innovations category and ADC+ was awarded Silver in the Innovations in Technology category. ADC+ and CERT+ are part of […]

AppViewX Named Gold Winner in the 14th Annual Info Security PG’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards®

AppViewX announced today that Info Security Products Guide, one of the industry’s leading information security research and advisory guide, has named AppViewX’s Certificate Lifecycle Automation Solution, a gold winner in the 14th Annual 2018 Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards® under Best Security Software category. These global awards recognize cybersecurity and information technology vendors with […]

Technology Insight for X.509 Certificate Management

According to Gartner analyst David Anthony Mahdi, “Security leaders are often unaware of the scope or status of their X.509 certificate deployments until it’s too late. As the scope of certificates expands to devices, people and things, security leaders must establish formalized plans and, if necessary, leverage available tools to minimize impacts.” In the recent […]

Manage Certificates and Private Keys with Certificate Lifecycle Automation solution

According to Gartner analyst Erik Wahlstrom, “PKI has been a quiet yet foundational security tool for identity professionals for two decades. The IoT, mobility, certificate lifecycle handling, scale, and new deployment options create resurgent interest in PKI, its potential disruptors and its vendors.”* Public key infrastructure (PKI) is an important security technology for the open […]

AppViewX’s Certificate Lifecycle Automation Solution Wins 2016 ISPG Award

AppViewX, a low-code automation platform for NetOps and SecOps, was announced a bronze winner for its product CERT+ in the 12th Annual 2016 Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards. AppViewX CERT+ automates discovery, expiry alerting, renewal, provisioning and revoking of SSL/TLS certificates across the network and is a part of a suite of products and […]

Payoda Cited in Gartner Report “Evaluating SSL/TLS Certificates for E-Business”

Payoda has been cited in a recent Gartner report Evaluation SSL/TLS Certificates for E-Business by David Anthony Mahdi. The report explains key findings and recommendations for evaluating SSL/TLS certificates. Gartner states, “By 2019, more than 15% of organizations will leverage free digital certificates for mission-critical and non-mission-critical facing websites.” * According to Mahdi, “IT security […]